Students Activities

Higher Education Career Guidance

All students enrolled on various diploma and degree programs at the London American City College are encouraged to use the career service. There is a specialist career advisor for higher education, who links with BBA and MBA programs and is available to provide individual career guidance and interview for students throughout the duration of the course. Information is available on career planning, education and training opportunities abroad.

Library and the State of the Art

London American City College and its sister institutions have a well-equipped libraries with over 10000 books, including academic and professional journals such as Harvard business Review, The economist, Fortune, Forbes and other business magazines.


Students of London American City College can enjoy the unique campus experience by celebrating all the major cultural and ethnic events. Our students are engraged to participate in events such as:

  • Sports day
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Fresher’s & Farewell Party
  • Technical/Industrial visits
  • Food Festival
  • Ethnic Day celebrations and
  • Iftar Meet