London American City College (LACC) is the only higher educational institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Accredited by the European Council for Business Education (ECBE) and the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), England with the distinctive status of “A Premier Institution”. London American City College is also an Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education. For maintaining a superior scholastic standard in teaching and excellence in research, the London American City College has won European Gold Award and the BiZZ award for a couple of times.

London American City College is also run and managed by distinguished professors of International repute and has produced more than 16,000+ graduates and post-graduates in the UAE.

More than 90 percent of the graduates and the post-graduates of the London American City College are in very good positions in multinational corporations and top ranked local industries. London American City College has produced thousands of star managers and the future business leaders.

London American City College’s graduates and post-graduates are very successful in the global workplace because it not only provides excellent business education but also equip students to tremendously improve their much needed skills such as excellent speaking skills and listening skills, leadership skills and teamwork skills, critical and strategic thinking skills, writing and presentation skills, strong interpersonal skills, technical skills, persuasion skills, problem-solving skills, EQ skills, organizational and planning skills, motivational skills and the ability to work with people of diversified culture. In short, London American City College teaches and provides its students all the essential skills and traits that the employers are expecting from the prospective employees.

London American City College has double accreditation from Europe’s highly reputed two accrediting bodies and is licensed by the government of Fujairah. London American City College is an authorized Higher Educational Institution operating under the Fujairah Free Zone. London American City College maintains very high academic standard and will never compromise on the quality of education.

London American City College provides students’ visas and have free wifi and parking facilities and have excellent food court, indoor sports facilities and well nit library, including E-reading library.

So, if you wish to get a top-ranked and fully accredited European degree by just spending only 10 percent of the cost of the cost of studying in the Europe, You are very cordially invited to join and study at London American City College and its institutions and to get the job of your dream when no one is hiring.


The Vision of the LACC is to become a world class educational institution that transforms life, organizations and society by providing affordable quality business education.


The Institutional Mission of the LACC is to foster a world class business education that prepares students to become professionals in a dynamic global  economy and promote academic excellence through engagement with communities and international institutions.


As an Academic Business Unit, the Mission of the LACC is to offer a world class business education at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels in a unique learning environment with competent interdisciplinary thinking in the ever changing global environment and aims to achieve excellence through student centered learning, quality teaching, research and engagement with communities and international institutions for personal and professional fulfillment.

To achieve our Academic Business Unit’s mission, we are committed to maintaining international academic standard, by providing best quality European, American and Gulf education with excellent professional support to our students.


LACC is committed and dedicated to the success of all its students by life-long learning, enhancement of education, advancement of knowledge, effective students service and the development of the skills necessary for their survival and success in the highly competitive global economy. LACC is built upon a core commitment to students’ learning, service, and cooperation, and upon respect for people and place. We honour and respect the dignity and rights of all individuals, support academic freedom and ethical and moral behaviour based on truthfulness and honesty, integrity and fairness and respect for diversity. We are deeply committed to students’ learning, growth and success.

LACC’s core purpose is to help people appreciate life and learning and contribute meaningfully to the lives of others. Our first and the foremost commitment is to the success of all students: their growth and development as well trained and skillful individuals, their confidence and their life-long devotion to the common good and the welfare of others.