MBA in International Business is a postgraduate programme which equips the students with the sufficient knowledge and training for the all needed basic knowledge of International Business. It is a degree designed to develop the resources and capability of managers in the global economy.

An MBA with a specialization in Finance provides you with many desirable professional options. … An MBA in Finance will prime you for employment in corporate finance, commercial banking, financial planning, investment banking and other important business sectors.

MBA in Travel and Tourism is a 2-year post graduate degree program. The program teaches the students with relevant management skills required in the travel industry. Graduates of this specialization, work in hotels, hospitality and catering industry, international and national food chains, food-craft institutes.

An MBA in Marketing can help you get a job promotion and qualify for management and executive positions in your current company. Since postgraduate business programs emphasize developing leadership and communication skills, graduates can advance to marketing positions with great ease.

An MBA in HR or Human resource management is a two-year degree program. It focuses on the recruitment, management, and providing direction and guidance for the people who work in an organization. An MBA in HR program offers training and knowledge in managing the workforce of the organization.

MBA in Quality & Operations Management program prepares the candidates to excel in running excellent performing operations using applications in services as well as manufacturing settings. This program presents latest techniques used in achieving excellence in operations utilizing both theoretical and practical models. The program also focuses on supply chain issues and problem solving techniques that relates to any business operations.

MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management deep-dives into key topics related to global logistics such as contrasting domestic and international logistics systems, further exploring the main components of supply chains on a global scale and how logistics are involved in supply chain management.

MBA in Project Management provides the foundation of a master’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis on leadership and problem solving. In a rapidly globalizing economy, there is an increased call for the skills needed to successfully create and implement a business plan in real time.

Master of Business Administration or MBA Hospitality Management is a 2-year full-time postgraduate program in Hospitality Management. The course follows a semester-based curriculum. Each year comprises two semesters. The course aims at preparing professionals for various roles in the hospitality and tourism industry.

MBA in IT Management & Security prepares candidates to manage information security challenges technically and strategically whilst focusing the attention on the business aspect. Candidates of the program develop their technical skills on computer systems and gain knowledge on business management, as such gaining the necessary competencies to draw inferences between information security and business risks.

MBA or a master’s degree in Luxury Management is targeted towards graduates aiming to establish a management career in companies dealing with luxury and premier products. These programs assist develop research and strategic, marketing, and management skills necessary to manage luxury international brands.

The Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Sports Management gives students a 360-degree perspective of the sports industry, including the media, technological advances, and event planning. Students make key connections, attend the industry’s top events, and graduate ready to take on the sports industry.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Fashion Business Management helps an individual in acquiring a career in the merchandising industry in spheres like product development, buying and selling of fashion, retail management, creative presentation of fashion ideas and marketing.