The Exchange College courses cover two sectors: Banking and Insurance. These two universes are characterized by their rapid economic growth. These specialties indeed promise a bright future for students wishing to invest in them, with increasingly strong employment and development prospects.

Organizations in these sectors are looking for key cross-functional profiles, from marketing to project management, possessing both general commercial and business management knowledge, and in-depth knowledge related to the field in question. Exchange College offers you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to the fascinating fields of Banking and Insurance in order to stand out thanks to the know-how that will allow you to understand the issues specific to these specialties.

Teaching in project mode

In order to be in line with current demands, all of our courses incorporate a strong digital dimension and look into the future development of the sector studied. Exchange College speakers are all working professionals, understanding and integrating the expectations of large companies.

Our educational approach in project mode aims to break the codes of too traditional teaching. All our promotions thus participate in many highlights throughout the year: immersion week in different companies, international learning expedition, website or business creation competition, masterclasses, organization of events in autonomy… These various discoveries allow a real projection in the professional world and privilege an in-depth reflection, allowing each student to surpass himself to give the best.