Do Not Judge Anyone by their Actions. Look at their Intentions

One time , a crab was walking along the shore and was looking at his foot prints and adoring them.  Suddenly the waves washed those footprints away.

The crab turned to the sea and the waves and said to them “ I thought you were my best friends then why did you wash my foot prints off the sea shore ? “

The waves replied “ My dear friend, the fisherman was chasing you by following your foot prints.  I washed your foot prints away so that the fisherman would not catch you. “

Many a times we tend to doubt the actions of people just like the crab doubted the action of the waves. The intention of the waves behind washing the foot prints of the crab was to save the crab from the fisherman.

It is not necessary therefore that whatever people do for us carries a harmful intent . It could also be done to help us.

We must not judge anyone by their actions but we must look at their intentions !!!

Prof. Chandru Kanaya

Faculty of Business Administration, London American City College, UAE